Don’t we all have that one outfit that makes us feel like we can conquer the world. That outfit where we “imagine” all those double takes from strangers when we enter the room or walk down the street. Well this  one is mine, just simple basic over basic over basic. It’s “thee” classic white shirt swooping into action.

The best part about this outfit is, it’s androgynous and how you could easily see a man working this look. Change the shirt to a men’s white shirt and your sorted. Well,  there’s  just part of me who will always be the girl who in her  school days wore  her brother’s t-shirts and got her hair cut at the men’s salon. 🙂

At the moment Chicago has its sunny days then there are the gloomy cloudy ones. They don’t call it the windy city for nothing. Times like these call for the ever so reliable camel coat. Teamed this with a basic high-waisted skinny pair of jeans . Since the outfit looked a bit formal I kept the shoes casual with some white trainers.

I still remember there was a time where I was paranoid about wearing white sneakers, but now  I can’t do without them.  They have become a staple with dresses, jeans, culottes, skirts the list is endless.  My worn-out white sneakers are proof to how they have become an essential in my wardrobe. You know that sense of satisfaction, when you spend your money on an item of clothing and then you use  it well, that’s the  feeling I get when I look at my sneakers and trust me that feeling is very rare.You know what I’m talking about right?

Ok, enough of me ranting about white sneakers.

Finally finished the look with a  pair of sunnies and your good to go.I could have gone for a plain white shirt, but i liked how this one was a little different with the pleats which gave it that faux tucked in look.

Finally I’m a sucker for the vintage digital Casio watch and can’t seem to get enough of them. And since they come cheap I have them in as many colors as possible. Here, i used the rose gold one from my collection.

Outfit details:


Jeans: Top shop

Watch: Koovs

Jacket: H & M

Sunglasses: lifestyle stores

Shoes: Adidas


  1. Well that’s why they say stick to ‘basics’,and you will never go wrong😄
    Ps can’t wait for the next blog and to get some new white sneakers😂

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