4.38am…… and this is somehow when my brain is wide awake. Come to think of it I must be one hell of a noisy neighbor going about all of my business at this part of the night. Family guy playing in the background (cos a girl needs her background noise) to compile this blog.

My teenie weenie opinion. I think this outfit totally represents today’s Indian woman of the 21st century. if someone said “Shaila put together a modern outfit which represents today’s Indian woman” this is how I would style the outfit. The whole idea started when I fell in love with this unusually cut dress from Zara. By the way have you noticed 2017 has been the year of sleeves.  Balloon, puff,  flare, layered,  basic tops with the sleeves getting all the attention and this trend  has carried into 2018. Well i’m not complaining, always loved exaggerated sleeves. the dress needed the  big chunky necklace and a monochromatic bag to complete the entire look.

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2018-02-07 10.32.53 1

2018-02-07 10.32.38 1

2018-02-07 10.32.54 1

2018-02-07 10.32.39 2



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2018-02-07 10.32.47 1

2018-02-07 10.32.46 1

2018-02-07 10.32.55 1

2018-02-07 10.32.56 1

2018-02-07 10.32.34 1

2018-02-07 10.32.33 1

Really hope this outfit inspires you to come up with your own version of it!! Buh -bye!

Instagram handle: lechicdiaries

Outfit details:

Dress: Zara

Bag : Zara ( gift from a friend)

Sunglasses: H & M

Necklace: Random flea market  ( An exact copy of this one is on AJIO)

Shoes: Converse





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