Everything Tan

So I have been obsessed with tan colored everything for the longest time. If I have to chose between a tan colored shoe or a black colored shoe more often then not the tan colored one wins. Same goes for bags. I love how it gives the outfit that something extra, kinda chic kinda casual look. Like you aren’t trying too hard and haven’t put too much thought behind it even though you’ve sat and thought about the outfit for over an hour.

This post is all about a pair of tan sandals, there are two outfits i have styled one completely different from the other.

Fair warning if you are planning on the whole sexy hot look , tan sandals are  not something I would generally wear. 90 percent of the time we aim for casual everyday looks so I feel a pair of tan sandals, flat or heeled should be a staple in our wardrobes.

The first outfit is more of a simple not over the top outfit. A flirty dress, basic accessories kinda outfit. The second, a more risque and trying a weeeee bit harder kinda outfit.




Of late I hardly wear any jeans, skinny jeans in particular this might not be news as such, but to me its a big deal. Because as far as i can remember I’ve only been wearing skinny jeans/jeggings for the longest time. Of late seemed to be drawn more to drawstring trousers, palazzos and culottes.  They come up pretty high  and also pretty loose so gives me enough courage to wear shorter cropped tops and hide those food babies.


So thats a wrap, stay tuned for a post that me and Shweta are styling together.

See ya soon. xoxo

1st Outfit details:

Dress and choker : Forever 21

bag: Topshop

Shoes: Jabong


2nd outfit details:

Top: Zara

palazzos: Westside- Wardrobe


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