Hey you, your pretty 😀  and hope you had a great weekend.

Kicking off the blog with a layout, basically taking it slow.

So summer is here and seems to me that the  “it” colors this season are shades of olive, powder pink and a mustard yellow. These colors are everywhere from high end to high street to affordable stores. It was a welcome change from my boring black navy blue burgundy wardrobe.

My recent wardrobe staple  has been this olive utility jacket from Forever 21. I seemed to find every reason possible to wear it, its cold, its hot, my arms are too chubby, it goes with the eyes i hope i had blah blah blah.



But the look, i think was most put together was with this H&M Vintage high waisted straight cut jeans and a stripped bodysuit. Impromptu bow to  whomever invented the bodysuit, PURE GENIUS. So handy when you want to tuck in tops into your jeans or skirts.


Finished the look with a pair of classic  shaped sunglasses,  you will be seeing a lot of sunglasses with the similar shape because apparently its the only shape that suits my weirdly narrow shaped face. A pair of ZARA flats that i’ve had since forever for that bit of color.

Ok now all set to take on the world. (insert evil laugh)**


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