Phewwww…. Here at last.
After years of “i really should start a style blog” , “i’m thinking of starting a blog” “I wish i could do something i love” etc etc, its happened.

We finally are taking the courage to put our ideas, tips and opinions out there into the world.(feels surreal)

Shweta has always been the more full of life and vibrant one and me more of a minimalist with a bit of edge.

Our sense of style is poles apart. So hoping this would help reach out and inspire more of you out there.

So cheers to a new journey. (book marking today)


P.S.If you are thinking of starting a blog, DO IT you will never ever ever ever regret it, cant stress enough about the “ever” part.


  1. Wish you the very best , girls! Shaila- way to go!! Cant wait for your first post 😀

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