That Shirtdress

Summer is officially here!!! And from summer the first thing that comes to mind is linen shirts. Linen white shirts, tan slippers and Italy’s cobble stoned paths.  Ok, reality check, earth to Shaila, earth to Shaila.

So today is a take on that crisp white shirt. The whole shirtdress, out of bed look.

Firstly I saw the sleeves and chinese collar and i was sold. It’s almost like its an evolved design of the classic shirt dress. These dresses tend to be boxy, so it needed to be synched in at the waist. I am a huge fan of tan colored accessories, but went for a black belt instead. Since I’ve been obsessing over yellow I had to find ways to squeeze the color in somehow. The clutch is pineapple print . I don’t know  about you  but this is the first time i’m ever coming across a fruit print thats been all over the fashion scene.

The yellow slides added to that playful aspect of this outfit. So that way it didn’t look too serious.

Now the best part about this outfit. wait for it, drumroll please!! The entire outfit costed me only 2500-3000 Indian rupees, i.e. around 40-50$. And when I say entire outfit I mean entire outfit, sunglasses, clutch shoes all of it.


You could lose the belt if you wanted to, especially if comfort comes first to you.







Outfit Details:

Shirt dress:  800 Rupees/ 12$ – Aliexpress ( the quality was surprising good)

Shoes: 600 Rupees / 8$ – Forever 21

Belt: 210 Rupees / 3$ – Jabong

Sunglasses: 280 Rupees / 4$ – H&M

clutch: 870 / 13$ – Forever 21




    1. Everything is listed at the end of the post, but will be adding links going further. Thank you 🙂

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